Preston Black's Guitar Lessons

Over the last 20 years, Preston Black’s passion has been playing and teaching guitar, professionally since 2003. Preston has learned and studied many styles of music, from rock to country, classical to jazz, and everything in between. Preston has won a number of guitar contests sponsored by several different radio stations in Huntsville, AL. Most recently, he won the Guitar Center Master Satriani contest chosen by Joe Satriani himself. In 2010, he earned first place in a YouTube EMG and Zakk Wylde sponsored "Shred Challenge" competing against many great guitarists from all over the globe. Preston has played live in several different venues for a variety of audiences and has performed with many well-known guitarists, including Mark Tremonti of Creed/Alterbridge. Preston continues to spend his time teaching, performing, and recording. His most recent project is his debut solo album, available on iTunes.

Lessons Include:

Basic Chords
Strumming Patterns
Rhythm Guitar Playing
Music Theory 
Sight Reading
Ear Training
Guitar Practicing Strategies
and much more!
Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the fundamentals or an advanced player wanting to perfect your skills, Preston can help you expand your musical talent with top notch instruction. Preston offers private one-on-one lessons for those who range in age from 6 1/2 years to 120 years and is available every day except Sunday. Preston teaches full time at the Huntsville Institute of Music in Huntsville, AL.

Lessons are one-on-one sessions held at designated times every week. The fee for a 30 minute lesson every week is $120 per month. An hour-long lesson every week is $240 per month. Payment is due on the first lesson of each month. Lessons are held throughout the year. Makeups for lessons missed by the student are not guaranteed.