Preston Black's Guitar Lessons


I've been casually playing guitar off and on for the past ten years, but two years ago I realized I would never progress on my own and decided to get lessons. It was a really good decision, and I was fortunate to be referred to Preston. Preston is a great teacher with the unique ability to identify what the student already knows and build on it, rather than starting off at the same point for everyone or using the same lesson plan for each student. He is able to convey music theory and sheet music in a very understandable way. He also notices areas for improvement and makes recommendations while watching your technique. I can't recommend him enough. He is a verstaile, accomplished, player and, from what I've seen, can teach any style you want to learn in an easily understandable and fun way.


In addition to being an incredible guitar player, Preston is an incredible guitar instructor. He is knowledgeable in guitar basics, music theory and sight reading, and the different playing techniques. He can teach blues, country, rock, heavy metal, or jazz playing styles. Most importantly, he adapts to the student, keeping the student interested and helping the student grow as a musician. I highly recommend Preston to anyone, old or young, who wants to learn.


This guy is by far the BEST guitar instructor in all of northern Alabama! No only is he a phenomenal player, but he can actually teach how to do all of the amazing techniques which he has mastered over the years. He also works well with students of all ages.


I met Preston over a year ago and decided to take guitar lessons. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Preston is a great guitar player and teacher. He possesses the skills and personality that only great teachers have. He is very attentive and knows just the right way to convey the skills you need. His lesson plans are simple and customized to your skill level. Best of all Preston has a great personality and I fully look forward to my lesson every week.